How Do Journeys Work?
More than a year before Outbound Journeys are scheduled, the Vice-President Journeys of FFO consults the membership on preferred destinations, and proposes these to FFI in Atlanta. Where we have been in past years can be found at the Canadian flag in "Welcome". The staff in Atlanta will then try to match preferences, and in due course confirm the Outbound Journeys with rough dates, and at about the same time will notify the VP Journeys of clubs wishing to come to Ottawa, again with approximate dates.

Using a sign-up sheet at General Meetings, members may express a wish for a place on an Outbound Journeys and volunteer to help organize an Inbound Journey. Where Outbound Journeys are over-subscribed, a draw will be organized by the Vice-President Journeys to create a confirmed and a stand-by list. The Vice-President Journeys will then canvas members of the Journey for an Ambassador Coordinator (AC), who will launch the process of organization. The lead-time is normally about one year. Similarly, Host Coordinators (HC) will be found for the Inbound Journeys. In both cases the ACs/HCs of the host and visiting clubs will contact each other to settle dates and other matters.

The initial registration fee for an Outbound Journey is $35, and covers the costs for booklets, copying and the like, for the outbound group. Should a member be unable to travel, the fee is refundable up to six months prior to the month of the journeys.

Typical Outbound Journey costs are:

--The $35 CDN registration fee.
--The Friendship Force International fee of $140 US per person per Journey, which covers the costs of the
    central organization that makes the journeys possible.
--The host club program fee of approximately $150 USD (negotiated between clubs).

In addition, ambassadors should expect to provide the following:

Gifts for Night Hosts: $60-80 Cdn (estimate)
Reciprocal dinner for night hosts: $80-120 Cdn (estimate)

Travel costs are the responsibility of each ambassador. Pre- or Post-Journey travel is an individual responsibility.

In the event a journey is over-subscribed, a $300 CDN deposit is required to hold a confirmed place. The deposit is payable six months prior to the month of the journey to be set in part against standard journey costs.

For more information, members can go to the Journeys Ambassador/Host Coordinators' Toolbox and consult the FFO Outbound Ambassadors Selection Guidelines.