Participation and Journeys
Participation in Club activities, especially Journeys, is the royal road to discovering the meaning and joy of the Friendship Force, and to maintaining the vibrant nature of what is a voluntary organization. Significant participation is also a consideration in obtaining places on Outbound Journeys. It includes taking a role in Inbound Journeys, such as a member of the organizing committee, a day host, a night host, dinner host, or other role; and similarly as part of the organizing committee on Outbound Journeys. It might also include a role on the Club Board. There are plenty of opportunities, given that the eight journeys each year can require the voluntary efforts of more than 100 members
A group of Ottawa Ambassadors enjoying a post-exchange visit to the Inca Ruins at Machu Picchue in Peru.

Outbound Exchange to Vienna, May, 2010.  At left, greeting an old friend in Cafe Central in downtown Vienna.  At right, gathering for the Farewell Dinner at a Heuriger or Wine Cafe in the vineyards of the city.