A Typical One-Week Journey to Ottawa




The Ottawa club or FFO is a large club with about 160 members. This means that an ambassador to Ottawa can expect to interact directly with many members who act as Night Hosts, Day Hosts and Dinner Hosts and who participate in the many social functions. This provides a rich experience with different vantage points from which to observe our manners and customs.


Most guests arrive by air with a fewer number coming by train. The airport and railway station are relatively easy to navigate and hosts are always on hand to welcome travelers, to help with baggage and to provide transportation to their homes.


Traveling is arduous and the rest of the first day is usually spent relaxing and getting to know the host's family. Activities are planned for the second day but they are always centered around a welcome party where visitors are given an information kit and introduced to many active members of FFO. Program opportunities which offer a mix of culture, nature, politics, and entertainment are organized for the week with time allowed for relaxation. A free day is scheduled for guests to choose a preferred activity.


Every exchange involves visits to some National Capital showcases. Particularly popular are: The Canadian Museum of History; The National Gallery of Canada; The Canadian Museum of Nature; The Canadian Museum of Science and Technology; The Canadian War Museum, The Canadian Mint;  the Parliament Buildings; Rideau Hall; and Gatineau Park. Please note that the Canadian Museum of Science and Technology is closed for renovation until 2017.


The National Capital Region is made up of two Cities, Ottawa and  Gatineau located in the Provinces, Ontario and Quebec. Thus our guests may be introduced to at least two cultural experiences along with that of the Capital.


Making new friends and sharing interesting experiences is the primary intent of the week which culminates in a fun-filled farewell dinner on the last evening of the exchange. Ambassadors are escorted by hosts the next day to their points of departure.
To see an intesting and informative video produced by Bob Sheap showing the highlights of a recent exchange to our club, please click here.